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Residential. Virus and Spyware Removal

Computer Virus and Spyware Removal Berlin

Has your PC or laptop become infected with a virus, or slowing to a crawl with spyware? No need to panic, checkpoint-e Virus & Spyware Removal service is just what you need. Drop your computer off, or arrange for it to be picked up and we’ll take a look. Our special software will identify any viruses or spyware on your computer and safely remove them.

Virus Removal

  • 100% success ratio
  • all new variants caught
  • we succeed where others failed

Spyware Removal

  • Remove pop-ups and spyware
  • Speed up your computer
  • Remove security risks

Wireless Networking

  • Secure your wireless network
  • Protect your information

Hardware Upgrade

  • System RAM Upgrades
  • Install SSD's
  • Accelerate Gaming and Graphics
Here is a list of different types of viruses

Boot Sector - A Boot Sector Virus infects the system area of a floppy or hard drive, or the part that is accessed when your computer is first turned on. Infection usually occurs when booting from an infected disk.
File Infector Viruses - Most of these viruses reside in the memory of a computer and infect programs' .exe and .com files.
Master Boot Record (MBR) Viruses Similar to a Boot Sector viruses, these viruses infect the Master Boot Record and prevent your PC from booting.
Multi-partite viruses - These viruses infect both the boot record and program files.
Macro viruses - Macro Viruses are prevalent in corporate environments where office applications are used, usually Microsoft Office (Word and Excel). They use a program's code to infect data files.
Trojan Horse Viruses - These viruses do not replicate themselves. Instead, they often pose as a harmless file that is downloaded from the web or from an e-mail attachment. These programs can result in the theft or destruction of data files. This type of virus is commonly picked up from peer to peer file sharing programs.


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